Quiet Time

Long before I was married or a mom, I always enjoyed being outside or reading a book alone. The few moments of quiet I get now are usually late at night and usually involves binge-watching our current TV obsession. Recently, I’ve been keeping the television off more during the day and just enjoying the absence of background noise, having the windows open, and listening to the kids play in the backyard. That usually lasts about five minutes, of course, then I’m out back with them because: (1) someone is crying, (2) they’re arguing, or (3) I’m paranoid because they’re too quiet. ::Facepalm::

(If it’s not one of those three, then I’m pitching the ball to my budding baseball star :))


As I’ve said before, I struggle with what to do with my time when I’m actually alone. So, I’ve just been going with the flow, guilt or not, and appreciating the time I have. Sometimes I’ll squeeze in a good fiction book, or read some Scriptures. Writing down goals, aspirations, and simply what I’m thankful for also helps me to keep a healthy perspective. There’s always something to complain about, right? So I’m making an effort to focus on the simple blessings that I usually take for granted. Sounds like a no brainer, but I am definitely one who worries more often than not. Changing that is a slow process, but I’m improving! As stressful as kids can be, they really can motivate you to be a better person. As a parent, I want the best for them in every way possible, and modeling who I want them be is the best I can do.

Because they watch and repeat E V E R Y T H I N G. LOL.

Reminder to myself and to you– Enjoy your life, one day at a time. As awful and inconvenient as hardships can be, they are an opportunity for growth– and growth can be painful. Take a breath, and remember that both the good and bad things in life are temporary.

Happy Tuesday ❤



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