No Toys Allowed: Creating a Sanctuary

It’s been over 6 months since we moved into our home. The extra space is priceless! Organizing everything into these spaces has taken me longer than I’d imagined, but I try to do a little each day. The master bedroom has been my primary focus lately, mainly because I feel more at ease when I have an organized space to retreat to during the day. The kitchen is likely a mess, toys are probably everywhere, as the cycle goes with little ones; but when nap time comes, or the evening rolls around, I can walk into a calm, organized space and take a mental break. I don’t know about you, but I struggle to keep every single room tidy all at once. So, I’ve decided to make the kitchen (the never-ending cycle) and master bedroom a priority early in the morning. (Does anyone else feel energized waking up to a clean kitchen?? It changes the entire morning mood).

The easiest way to keep the master feeling separate from chaos is to keep the toys OUT. I keep the door shut throughout the day to discourage the kids from going in, but, as mom life goes, they tend to follow me everywhere lol! Even if I have to scoot (KICK) the toys into the hallway for a while, I make the effort to show them toys don’t belong in mommy’s room. Honestly, I don’t have time to pick up toys in each room  throughout the day when they will pull them right back out again. I’ve accepted the fact that toys will inevitably cover every part of the floor in the front rooms; but my bedroom floor is off-limits.



I have gotten better with enforcing boundaries with my kids. Even though they still follow me to bathroom (sigh), they now usually wait outside instead of barging in. I also lock the door now- that probably helps a little! I found it difficult to break the routine of letting them come in since I had no choice when they were tiny babies/newly walking toddlers. The older they get, I am trying to model that privacy is important to them and to others– and even to mom! Now, at 4 and 2 years of age I don’t expect them to knock all the time or ask me if I need space; but training their minds to think about what they do before they do it is the best I can do. So, although they are welcomed in the bedroom (every morning, 2:30 AM to be exact), I hope that they eventually see it as their parents’ space to consider and respect.

I used to feel guilty (shocker) for not welcoming all their stuff into our space, but I let that go. As parents, we need our own space just as the kids benefit from theirs.


I wanted to keep calm and relaxing colors throughout, and I love any variation of aqua/teal/mint paired with tan and light browns. I have not found a comforter I love yet, but I was able to use the duvet I found on last year, and added the throw pillows from TJ Maxx, bedskirt from Walmart, rug from Target (on clearance!), and curtains from Tuesday Morning. The headboard is my absolute favorite, also from (they always have the best sales). I have plenty to add to the walls, curtains behind the bed, and a beauty corner on the opposite side of the room. For now, I am enjoying the simplicity of space and open corners, without a lego in sight.

Where’s your quiet place indoors?


6 thoughts on “No Toys Allowed: Creating a Sanctuary”

  1. Love your blog! My space is also my bedroom even though it’s not organized right now. I have a baby gate up. I would one day love to make it a sanctuary! I also have no sense of style! 😂But that’s where I go to try and get quiet time. I love to read self help books and I can usually get in a page or two before bed.❤️

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    1. That’s awesome, I need to read more books like that! It’s taken me awhile to get through all the boxes and clutter, and I still have plenty to do. I don’t know what to get for the walls..I kind of like them bare right now! 😂😂


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