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A Cure for Desert Blues: Honey Dew Melon Leave-In Conditioner by Allie’s Natural Hair Community

Living in a desert climate has its perks. The lack of humidity results in fewer bugs that terrify me (roaches), near perfect weather 99% of the time, and no frizzy hair. However, these pros come at a high price, and my hair pays dearly. For the most part, I keep my hair in some form of protective style (because: toddlers) which makes it more difficult to access my scalp. In general, whether my curls are “out” or not, I need a daily leave-in conditioner to combat this insanely dry climate.

Of course, I reached out to my favorite natural hair company- Allie’s Natural Hair Community, founded and created by Allison Rucks. Based in my hometown of New Orleans, LA, Allie’s products are made with all-natural, certified organic ingredients. I first met Allie at a natural hair festival in 2012, and I have used the shampoos and conditioners ever since. Allison is a joy to do business with and one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met!

I was overjoyed to find the “newly formulated” Honey Dew Melon Leave In Conditioner, which had previously been a wash out conditioner. With thick, curly, coarse hair it is very difficult to find a daily moisturizer that is strong enough without being too heavy. This conditioner provides the ideal balance for my hair both in and out of protective styles.

Every few months I change my hairstyle depending on the season, level of chaos, and patience level, lol. Being a mother of two little ones does not allow me much time for my hair as before, so I am THRILLED to have this product to use in whatever style fits my life at any moment!

Below are examples of how I use the conditioner with each of my three styles:

While I wore crochet braids, I added some to a spray bottle and infused with water for hydrating “spritzes” throughout the day.




With my curls, I massage a small amount into my scalp and distribute throughout my entire head.



Currently, with my hair straightened (silk press), I use a small amount at night along with jojoba oil while rolling my hair onto large rods for extra bounce.



Living away from home doesn’t stop me from getting these fabulous products because shipping is always fast! I also love the ease of the pump bottle, and a little goes a long way. My hair and scalp are thriving!


Whatever your hair type- straight, curly, coarse /curly, relaxed, or locs- I highly recommend ***Allie’s Natural Hair Community.  Check out her website at, or via Facebook and Twitter!***


Ingredients: Made with Distilled Water infused with Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root and Slippery Elm, Murumuru Butter, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Castor Oil, BTMS, Agave Nectar, Guar Gum, Optiphen, Essential Oil Blend and Fragrance

Share some of your favorite hair product staples below!


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