3 Years of Awesome-Last Year’s DINO-MITE Bash!

Last year my baby boy turned 3 years old! I love that he is a summer baby and can run outside and play for his special day. Like most other toddlers, he is happy running, jumping, playing ball, and bouncing around. His parties don’t take much planning aside from themes (my preference :)).


We had a blast with BBQ, bounce house, dino-inflatables (, and best of all, the Dino cake! This was my first time attempting to bake and decorate a birthday cake for him–BIG DEAL as I am not a crafty girl, lol. I found the cake pan and icings at Hobby Lobby, borrowed some cake decorating tools from a friend, and was I was SOOOOO proud of the outcome! Best of all, he loved it- that’s all that matters anyway, right?


New Mexico’s dry heat kicks it up right around his birthday, so I am ALWAYS on pins and needles about it being way too hot for people to enjoy. However, somehow things tend to turn out okay. Last year we even had a nice breeze, so the heat was more than bearable.

Here are some shots of him having a blast last year!


For his T-shirt, I bought a plain green T-shirt from Hobby Lobby, along with the iron-on letters and little dinosaur. It turned out great! He lost the D in “DJ” halfway through the party, lol, but at least I was able to get a good pic before that happened!



This year we’ll be outside again! I am praying for a lovely breeze, great turnout, and for the birthday boy to have the time of his life!!


I like to change up themes each year, but I also tend to stick with what works as far as food and activities go. Do you tend to do the same sort of celebrations for your kiddos? What are some ways you change it up? I’d love to hear your ideas below!


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