Saturday Style


Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Mostly because I tend to use it as my day to dress up, doll up, and step out! It doesn’t matter if I’m going grocery shopping with the kids or going to the bank- I need a day to just be me, wear what I want, and look the way I want. I am a firm believer in “when you look good, you feel good!”

A couple of weeks ago I found this comfy Lucky Brand blouse at TJ-Maxx (for a steal!). I am loving the big sleeve comeback! So I paired it with my cuffed skinny jeans (Encore) and nude slip on clog heels (Shoe Dept., White Mountain brand). I completed the look with my go-to tan cross body Coach bag and Tahari shades (TJ-Maxx again!) For me, fashionable needs to also be practical for chasing my precious toddlers! So there is nothing better than a cute outfit that is also super comfortable!

Getting toddlers to look at the camera simultaneously…hilarious!

Today we went shopping for last-minute easter items and took the kiddos to a late lunch at Freddy’s (burgers and frozen custard YUM). I always look forward to a day out with my family! A chance to relax and have fun with them and not think about work, chores, or anything else is priceless. As a #clickingmom, I always have to capture a family photo!

We love TJ-Maxx!
Sibling shenanigans

When I first had DJ, I would feel guilty for spending too much time on myself, or I would just be too tired to care! I still have those Saturdays that I don’t get out of my pajamas (which is perfectly fine!) but I feel and see the difference in myself when I make a conscious effort with my appearance. Whether it’s just changing my clothes (yoga pants are life), or applying makeup, trying new hairstyles, or finding some fashion or home inspiration on Pinterest- it helps to do those small things that focus on my interests.  And who doesn’t love Pinterest??? 🙂

As of late, I aim to make the same effort to fulfill my own small joys as I do for my family. It is also important to me that my children learn the value of investing in themselves; so, I actively push back against the mom guilt and remember that they are watching the way I treat myself just as much as they watch how I treat them. A cute outfit may be insignificant to most, but these little things feed into a much larger concept for me- be kind to myself, humor myself, and continue to feed those other areas in my life that make me smile. I am certain that the two little people I feed nonstop will thank me for it! 🙂

Is your style more casual? Or dressier? Do you care about makeup? Heels? Flats? Tell me below about your preferred style!

Bathroom selfies are a must!



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