My (Other) Happy Place

Home is my number one happy place. When I find myself discontent at work or anywhere else, it’s often because I just “wanna be at home.” Clean house, clean socks, fresh blankets, candles, a good movie, cuddling with my family…nothing better!


Some days when I’ve been in my primary happy place with two toddlers for most of the day, home doesn’t feel so comfy. During the winter especially (see blog post: Outdoors; my not so secret weapon), it’s not fun to be trapped in the house with “bored” kiddos. Furthermore, I am human. As much as I love my kiddos, they are not all-fulfilling. I still need time and space to do things that I love to do. Reading, having coffee, shopping, to name a few! And who doesn’t love Starbucks?? (If you don’t, please keep this unfortunate fact to yourslef..LOL) Before kids, before marriage, when it was just me :)…I would often sit in Starbucks or PJ’s Coffee and Tea (NOLA represent) and read, study, chat with my sisters, or just have quiet time. The coffee shops has always been the perfect spot for me to de-stress, create, plan, or simply daydream over fraps and warm mocha espressos.

As of late, it has been my go to spot when brainstorming for the blog or simply reaffirming my short and long-term goals.  In fact, as I write this, I am currently in my favorite comfy chair, with a clear view of all comings and goings (who doesn’t like to people watch?), sipping my mocha and munching on my double fudge brownie. Y’all don’t be judgy now.


Tomorrow is the first day back to work for me in about 2 and a half weeks, as we recently returned from visiting New Orleans and spring break was right our heels. So, there’s plenty to do in preparation for our weekly routine (hubby and I to work, kids to school, gym after work, pick up kids, playtime, dinner, baths, reading, bedtime…then our night begins at about 9:30 PM LOL).

The first half of today was spent doing laundry, chasing and playing with kiddos, and pathetic attempts to finish up work-related business. My husband (the real MVP) sensed my frustration, and thankfully took the kids to the mall, sat down for a bite to eat, and are now headed to the park.

-I definitely just received a video of Dj and Lila dancing with their fruit slushes! LOL

I quickly packed up my stuff, threw on sweats, got in the car, and settled into my current spot. I am not kidding when I say there is almost an immediate calmness that comes over me when I’m here. I can definitely get work/blogging done at home, but a change of scenery does wonders for my psyche. Overall I think it’s because it’s an intentional detachment from house duties that are ever-hovering, mocking me… I don’t know about y’all, but I find it difficult to do work at home without the nagging feeling that I need to do at least one more load of laundry, pick up toys, or simply complete some task related to preparing for the next day.

At Starbucks, I am simply a regular person, blending in, listening to my favorite Pandora station, and typing away on my laptop. I can recharge, refocus, and renew my mental state for the rest of the evening and on into the next day. I have no shame in needing to not be called “mama” for a few hours. But I have also learned to use those hours wisely, and not always spend them doing “chores” outside of the house (shopping, errands, etc). Of course those things are necessary- let’s be real. However, I have realized the benefits of taking a few hours twice a month (at least) to do something that feeds my soul and reaffirms my identity. Afterward, I am thrilled to see my kids (absence=fonder) and energized to finish off the last bit of (essential) laundry.  It is necessary. It is important. Because my mental health is necessary, and it is important. As moms, we need to step back and refill our empty cups. So occasionally I fill it up with a grande hot mocha and settle into “my” chair to start the process.

Fill’er up, mamas! Let’s keep our mental, physical, and emotional health at the top of that long list of things to do. Cuz the laundry ain’t goin’ NOWHERE. Like, ever.

What is your “other” happy place? Do you have a temporary escape from it all? If not, what would you envision for yourself? Please share below!

Photo on 3-25-18 at 4.19 PM #2

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