Outdoors: My Not-So-Secret Weapon!

Winter can be a tough time for little ones and their mommas. Like most children, my kiddos absolutely love to be outside whenever possible. However, when it’s less than 40 degrees outside, I am not thrilled to be outdoors; but the cabin fever struggle is real! Television only holds their attention for so long, which is a good thing for sure- but it is extremely difficult to be productive when they are bored with toys, books, coloring AND TV. So, cold or not, I frequently bundle these two babies up and we get some fresh (cold) air (as I cross my fingers in hopes that nap time is near!)


Today the weather got up to 60 degrees! I was SO excited to strap Lila into the stroller and head down to the neighborhood park as DJ ran alongside. After we arrived, we also met new friends and neighbors! SO many good things about being outside. On top of less screen time, my kids are more creative, more content, and are also much nicer to each other when they’re outdoors! Check out our walk to the park today below 🙂

What’s a day outdoors without popsicles?
Also, bikes!
Lucy, our pup!
Hey Lila!


Are y’all as ready for Springtime as we are?!?! What do you guys plan to do in the warmer weather? We go tot he park a lot…I think we need some new ideas. Share your family’s favorite outdoor activities below!

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