Cute and Comfy!

At times, being a mom zaps any motivation I used to have to enhance my appearance. Since my morning prep time is limited, outfit and hair prep must begin the night before. Oftentimes, I choose sleep over any prep that has nothing to do with the kiddos; However, I’ve learned that when I take time to care for myself, my attitude is noticeably better and my temperament calmer. If a pair of cute flats and a comfy tee does the trick, why not go for it?? Currently, this is my go-to summer fit. I am obsessed with pink, but am way too old to parade around in pink from head to toe (less is more), So I stuck with my equally favorite hue of teal (aqua/turquoise? all the same to me sometimes!) and threw in splashes of pink with my sandals and sunglasses. Throw in my ever faithful skinny blues and I’m feeling fab. Personally, remaining understated is something I feel required to do as a mom unless it’s a special event (birthday, wedding, etc.). What IS that??? Sounds like another blog post….for now, here’s my signature summer fit below πŸ™‚

Blog fit!
My summer fav! Cute, comfy, and perfect for my new ventures πŸ™‚

Oh, you didn’t know all your dreams would come true here at four little feet?? Girrrrrlll. Stay tuned! LOL πŸ™‚


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