Easter Fun!

We had a blast making fun Easter treats and finding eggs on Sunday afternoon. Now that both of these cuties can run around together, I am EXTRA excited about any holiday that comes along. Surprising them gives me so much joy! What did your family do on Easter Sunday?? Comment below! 😘


My sweethearts!
Making these easter themed rice crispy treats was a sticky good time! There are few things my kids enjoy more than getting good and grimy πŸ™‚ And who can resist rice crispy treats?
On to the egg hunt!
He’s not quite done yet!
Easter fun!
No smiles in egg hunting!
Lila was a little slower, but no less determined than big brother!
The ears are too adorable!


My little GQ man πŸ™‚
Princess Lila πŸ™‚
I kept their baskets simple and fun, with things that they would actually play with instead of just cutesy items that were cheap (such a struggle for me!!)

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